Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joseph Ducreux Meme - Archaic Rap Goes Classic Rock

Like hilarious memes? So do I! I happened to stumble across a site where you can create your own, and on a day that I had loads of time to kill. That's a dangerous combo!

So who is Joseph Ducreux? He was a French artist, born in 1735.  Ducreux was proficient in several disciplines, but is probably best known for his portraiture. In fact, he was the portrait artist in the court of Louis XVI. Nowadays his most famous portrait is probably his self portrait ca. 1793. What makes it famous? It's the basis of hundreds of internet memes that have been circulating, especially on sites like Pinterest.

If Ducreux were around today to see the grammatical horrors perpetrated in his name, and alongside his own face, he would probably die of embarrassment or suffer a psychotic break. What am I talking about? Just click "Read More" to see them in all their glory. Since the Joseph Ducreux archaic rap memes never fail to entertain me, I decided to try my hand at few of them. I'm no fan of rap, however, so I took them in my own direction. I'm sure poor Joe is rolling in his grave!

Joseph Ducreux Portrait
May Actually Be Better Than the Original 1983 Song

Joseph Ducreux Portrait
Make a New Plan, Stan!

Joseph Ducreux Self Portrait
Get Over It!

Joseph Ducreux Portrait
Sound advice, indeed!

Joseph Ducreux Portrait
With Apologies to Bobby McFerrin

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